Business Intelligence & Big Data

Business Intelligence & Big Data Services

Large organizations rely on Matrix-IFS’ Business Intelligence experts for agile BI solutions that maximize data value and enhance business performance 

Global companies face unique needs, regulations and compliance requirements that impact their ability to efficiently manage required quantities of complex data from multiple sources. Matrix-IFS specializes in developing Agile Business Intelligence solutions and services customized to the unique demands of each organization, efficiently and economically.


Matrix-IFS packages deliver high-value business solutions by first assessing end-user needs and systems use. Then our Business Intelligence experts apply appropriate information management, performance management, design, planning, implementation, and integration – enhanced with smart and friendly user interfaces, effective training and efficient documentation.


The Matrix-IFS Center of Excellence helps organizations adopt the Agile BI approach for delivering more BI, in a faster, more flexible and less expensive format than traditional BI. Agile BI transitions from the “no” or “not now” culture to the “yes” culture and are based on three principles:


Data Science as a Service

  • Data scientists are very hard to find, most of them are PHD and have the capabilities to deliver an E2E solutions for a business problem that requires research, algorithm, statistics etc. for a specific need.
  • The DMway Analytics, allow us to provide such a team\person to help companies get over that need to recruit such a person.


Research, Advanced and Predictive Analytics

  • Advanced and Predictive analytics is a kind of a service that we excel in. using the same resources as the data science , we can help our customers achieve accuracy and ROI with specific issues (e.g. conduct risk, market abuse, fraud etc.)


Advanced Visualization, Dashboards & KPI’s (Bespoke or Predefined According to Industry Best Practices)

  • The Bread and butter of the BI Practice, we’ll explore and staff, implement and use as many UI tools as possible.
  • There are so many there but the main ones that we can find relevant professionals for are Tableau, Qlikview (+sense), BI4 (used to be business objects), Sisense, microstrategy,SSRS (Reporting Services) and many more.
  • We’ve come with predefined solutions that will be offered on top of existing solutions.


Big Data Architecture, Cloud-based Solutions, Implementation and Migration Tools

  • This part is very innovative for some customers; we have a very solid experience with cloud based solutions.
  • The thing that companies look for the most here is experience and we have a lot of it in the Cloud services.
  • One of our offers is Big data as a Service which allows us to help analytics to be directly over cloud platform after a fairly easy and quick migration.


Data Warehousing, Data Mart, Data Management and Self-service BI

  • Fundamental ability and capability of the BI practice, E2E projects, designing, developing, implementing (with the business units)
  • Relevant to all organizations, divisions that needs data marts. projects that require MDM etc.


Data-Driven Operational Services (DDOS)

  • One of our specialties is the ability to design and create an ODS based architecture, by using multiple techniques.

BI Service Offerings

Consultation: Architecture, Roadmap, ROI Strategy, KPI Building & Methodology


have an extensive history of consulting on architecting, implementing and integrating BI infrastructures to support wide-ranging industries worldwide.

Building BI Solutions

Assistance in establishing an efficient Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) with defined tasks, roles, responsibilities and processes with organizational teams (with the co-sourcing approach) to manage strategy, projects and systems.

Nearshore BI Services

The service includes building a whole formation for the improvement, analysis and unification of organizational data, for receiving all the information without the “headache” of running the whole project. Companies that have experienced the nearshore services reported that they realized a 30% saving in daily operational costs or alternatively a 25% increase in production.

BI Testing

Matrix experts have vast experience conducting BI testing to ensure the most efficient and effective BI solution for each client, based on business, technology and regulatory compliance requirements specific to their organization and industry.


Balanced Scorecard Matrix accompanies organizations through the building of a balanced scorecard, through the Norton and Kaplan methodology, supporting the system’s organizational and technological lifecycle and implementing the scorecard systems in the different tools.


Jump Start for Building DWH

A quick data layer is an important key for successful BI applications. Our methodology, which is based on best practices, assists in building quick, easily maintained and highly credible data warehouses, while lowering the costs of building and maintenance.


Best Practices for Building BICC Organizational recommendations on implementing BI in the organization, including guidelines for building BICC – Business Intelligence Competence Center for the organizations.

Agile BI

Managing and leading projects with the Agile BI methodology enables meticulous control over the expenses and products, and provides quick solutions on intermediate stages for the users.

Best Practices for Visualization

Matrix-IFS incorporates best practices that guide analysis of user needs and adapting tools for the working method and the business and organizational thinking, and utilize experts to develop efficient, user-friendly interfaces and graphics.

Ruler for Comparing Tools

Our tool evaluation criteria template provides the basis for comparing and selecting tools and products to assemble the right criteria for each organization and to recommend the proper tools while considering functionality, budget and demands.

Reference Architecture

Organizational best practices or validating the architecture, while using BI and building blueprints architecture.