Matrix-IFS Acquires IT Strategy Consulting Firm NIT Finance

Matrix-IFS Acquires IT Strategy Consulting Firm NIT Finance

Jersey City, NJ
October 6, 2016

Matrix International Financial Services (Matrix-IFS), a leading global specialist providing business and technology solutions in the areas of financial crime, risk, BI and compliance, has acquired controlling interest in Network Infrastructure Technologies Inc. (NIT) and its NIT Finance and NITHealth groups. NIT is a leader in IT consulting and outsourcing for finance and healthcare in the areas of IT and SEC compliance, data governance and data lifecycle management solutions. NIT has offices across the U.S. and serves top tier financial institutions and hospitals. NIT Founder, Lior Blik, will serve as president of the division for Matrix-IFS.

“Combining consulting and technology expertise from NIT Finance and NITHealth enables Matrix-IFS to significantly expand the range of our business and technology solutions related to compliance, internal regulations and rules, including developing strategies and policies to govern data collaboration and provisioning in data centers and on the cloud. We are pleased to welcome Lior Blik and his team,” says Matrix-IFS CEO Renan Levy.

“I am very pleased to join forces with Matrix-IFS,” says NIT President, Lior Blik. “We bring deep knowledge in banking and healthcare, and have relationships with key regulatory agencies. Now as part of the Matrix-IFS team, we can deliver additional services that help financial institutions address complex compliance and cyber issues with best practices for SEC compliance, data lifecycle management, and more. In Healthcare, NIT enables hospitals and other healthcare organizations to optimize their IT processes and outsource IT operations,” adds Blik.

The acquisition of NIT Finance and NITHealth adds a wide and complementary range of services now available to Matrix-IFS customers, including:

      • IT compliance and security assessment and implementation
      • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) for Technology
      • Data Lifecycle Management
      • IT Regulatory compliance reporting and BI analytics
      • Data and provisioning processes and user certification
      • Data collaboration, migration and archival automation
      • Cloud data management